“I have seen Keri Lopez in action, and I am impressed with her ability to grasp big ideas and turn them into actionable results. We would be well served by her in the Legislature.”

- Matt Cyrus
Deschutes County Farm Bureau President

Controlling the Cost of Living

because it’s time to stop the madness

Everything is more expensive than it was just a few years ago. Keri Lopez is focused on policies that will help working Central Oregonians with everyday expenses like gas and groceries.

No Raising Taxes
Keri Lopez knows that we can’t afford higher taxes. Meanwhile Democrats like Emerson Levy are proposing higher taxes on beers after work, a glass of wine at dinner, and the gas we need to drop off kids at school and get to work. Keri Lopez will oppose raising these taxes.

OPPONENT ALERT: Emerson Levy voted to support a study to raise alcohol taxes (HB 3610, 2023)

Stop Taxing Essentials 
Groceries are exempt from Oregon’s Corporate Activity Tax (CAT), but did you know many household essentials are not? Keri Lopez knows that Central Oregonians need all the help they can get to make ends meet. That’s why she supports a CAT exemption for everyday household needs like personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, baby products, children’s clothing, pet supplies, and paper products like tissues and paper towels. This will help Oregonians who need it most.

#Don’tTaxTheTip — exempt tip income from state taxes
Keri Lopez will push for legislation in Salem to exempts tips fromstate income tax. This will allow service workers to keep more of their earnings. Workers deserve to keep the tips they’ve earned.

Increasing Students' Success with Parental Involvement


Prioritizing Parents and Success
Our graduation and achievement rates are still too low, meanwhile the Oregon Department of Education is rolling back basic requirements. Keri Lopez believes that teachers and school districts should set achievable goals and standards with student and parent input. This will ensure more local control and greater student success.

Higher Pay for New Teachers
Oregon has below-average pay for new teachers. Keri Lopez will advocate to have funds specifically allocated to raise salaries for new teachers, especially in rural and under-served communities.

Ending Teacher Strikes 
Our broken bargaining system has put our children’s education at risk and put parents in the crossfire. That’s why Keri Lopez will advocate for statewide collective bargaining and a requirement for binding arbitration during a school year. This ensures that all teachers will be paid fairly and that contract disputes will never put your job at risk.

Time to Put the Cell Phones Away, Kids
Keri Lopez enacted no cell phone policies in Redmond at the request of parents. She will continue to advocate for younger kids limited screen time and our teenagers putting their cell phones away during class.

“Keri Lopez is a protector of parents rights and her experience on school boards will be invaluable in Salem as we work to improve education in Oregon”

- REP. Vikki breese-iverson
House Representative and Former House Minority Leader

Safe Communities and Clean Streets

Because we must take proactive action to help those struggling with AdDiction & homelessness

Let’s Invest in Mental Health and Clean Up Our Streets – TODAY
Increase investments in State mental health facilities here in Central Oregon. Keri Lopez will drive targeted investments in helping kids and families out of homelessness, first. Then she’ll work to tackle hard drugs flowing into Central Oregon destroying our communities. There will be achievable goals with outcomes attached to all legislation and money.

Business-Friendly Economy

because we must reform the Oregon’s burdensome BUSINESS Activity Tax (CAT)

CAT Holiday for Restaurants
Enjoying a meal with family or friends at a local restaurant has become shockingly expensive because of inflation and anti-business policies in Salem. Keri Lopez is proposing a business Activity Tax (CAT) holiday from Memorial Day to Labor Day to help struggling businesses and families spend more time together away from screens.

Increase CAT Filing Threshold
By changing the threshold to file from $1 million to $5 million before paying any taxes, thousands of Oregon small businesses will be freed from this reporting and tax burden with a minimal impact on revenue. This is 30% of filers, and only 7% of total revenue. This will free up Central Oregon’s small businesses to innovate and create jobs.